Javier Mascherano

Aston Villa RumoursJavier Alejandro Mascherano ( San Lorenzo , Santa Fe Province , Argentina , June 8 of 1984 ) is a footballer Argentine who plays for FC Barcelona in the Primera Division of Spain

It is also called habitual of Argentina Football Team where has long been the captain of the team. His natural position is to pivot or means of containment , work for which he is considered one of the best in the world. 11 12 13 However, it has also played on certain occasions auspiciosa- -and how central defense for his requirement then coach at FC Barcelona , Pep Guardiola .

Among the top prizes obtained in his career highlights -a level Selection- one Sudamericano Sub-20 , two gold medals won in the 2004 Summer Olympics and the 2008 Beijing Olympics respectively (being the only football player able to get this) 18 and World runner-up achieved in the 2014 Brazil World Cup . At club level has gained Clausura with River Plate of Argentina , one Brazilian League with Corinthians three leagues of Spain two Champions League UEFA two Super Cups in Spain , one European Super Cup and Club World Cup with the team in which military, the FC Barcelona .

Mascherano is a classic holding midfielder with more output and recovery remove the attack. In River Plate inherited the shirt, position and the nickname of his predecessor in the post, Leonardo Astrada , who was also the coach who clinched the first division. Javier could take from a young age the jersey number 5 team 'Millionaire' to the height required by the fans; shirt with a sublime story and knew dressing players of the caliber of Americo Gallego , Matias Almeyda and Reinaldo Merlo among many others.

In addition, his nickname "Jefecito" (in homage to the "Boss" Astrada ) also responds to a long-standing defensive solvency, temple and leadership characterized him as a player. A very young its low profile, natural heritage and a maturity for such a young boy, 91 was worthy of praise from their teachers as exhibited'm proud as a small giant heart - by their own peers, and the sports media and former players who donned the Albiceleste shirt: